Alabama Introduces Bill to Expand Use of Vintage Vehicles


Alabama Introduces Bill to Expand Use of Vintage Vehicles

Legislation (S.B. 449) to authorize the owner of a vintage vehicle to keep the permanent vintage tag, but pay regular license taxes and registration fees for the privilege of operating the vehicle for general transportation purposes has been introduced in the Alabama Senate.  The vehicle owner would also have to maintain and show proof of mandatory liability insurance coverage.

We Urge You to Contact Members of the Alabama Senate Finance and Taxation General Fund Committee (Contact Info Below) Immediately to Urge Their Support of S.B. 449

  • Under existing law, the owner of a vintage vehicle that functions primarily as a collector's item may register with the licensing official and obtain a permanent vintage vehicle license plate.  However, these vehicles may only be used in club activities, exhibitions, tours, and parades, but not be used for general transportation purposes.
  • S.B. 449 would provide Alabama citizens the opportunity to enjoy unlimited use of their vintage cars.
  • S.B. 449 creates additional use options for vintage vehicle owners willing to pay increased fees.  Currently, owners pay a one-time $10 registration fee for a vintage vehicle.  According to the state, vintage vehicle owners seeking expanded use would pay an annual $23 registration fee and a $13 license tax.
  • S.B. 449 would require vehicle owners to keep in the vehicle the regular license plate and proof of license tax, registration and liability insurance.
  • In Alabama, a "vintage vehicle" is: (i) a private passenger automobile, truck or truck tractor which weighs not more than 26,000 pounds gross weight, motorcycle, or fire truck, (ii) over 30 years old, (iv) a vehicle having the original or substantially similar vehicle body, chassis, engine, and transmission as designated for that make, model, year, and age vehicle

DON’T DELAY!  Please contact members of the Alabama Senate Finance and Taxation General Fund Committee immediately by phone or e-mail to request their support for S.B. 449.    

Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at  Also, please forward this Alert to your fellow car enthusiasts.  Urge them to join the SAN and help defend the hobby! Thank you for your assistance. 

Alabama Senate Finance and Taxation General Fund Committee

To e-mail all Committee members, copy and paste the email address block below:;;;;;;;;;;;;

Senator Arthur Orr (Chair)
Phone: (334) 242-7891

Senator Phil Williams (Vice-Chair)
Phone: (334) 242-7857

Senator Billy Beasley
Phone: (334) 242-7868

Senator Roger Bedford
Phone: (334) 242-7862

Senator Dick Brewbaker
Phone: (334) 242-7895

Senator Priscilla Dunn
Phone: (334) 242-7793

Senator Bill Holtzclaw
Phone: (334) 242-7854

Senator Trip Pittman
Phone: (334) 242-7897

Senator Paul Sanford
Phone: (334) 242-7867

Senator Bobby Singleton
Phone: (334) 242-7935

Senator Cam Ward
Phone: (334) 242-7873

Senator Jabo Waggoner
Phone: (334) 242-7892

Senator Del Marsh
Phone: (334) 242-7877