California Bill to Exempt Pre-1983 Vehicles from Emissions Inspections Fails to Meet Legislative Deadline

Legislation (AB 210) introduced in California to exempt motor vehicles manufactured prior to the 1983 model-year from the state’s biennial emissions inspection requirement failed to be considered prior to the legislative deadline for “two-year” bills. By rule, bills in California that are carried over from the previous year, also known as two-year bills, must be passed by January 31. Since this did not occur, the bill is dead for the legislative session.

An overwhelming response was received from enthusiasts in response to requests for action on this bill.  Thank you to everyone who voiced support. 

As most are aware, this has not been the first proposal in recent years attempting to revise the state’s emissions exemption to benefit our hobby. Let’s continue to strengthen our voice now for an even greater impact at the next critical moment. Encourage those you know to become informed and ready for the good fight—ask them to enlist: Everyone can help the cause and get involved without cost or commitment. IGNITED WE STAND!