Parts Recycling Legislation Fails in California Legislature

SEMA-supported legislation (S.B 1058) to amend current California law to ensure the availability of recycled parts from vehicles participating in scrappage programs passed in the Assembly Transportation Committee, but failed to move any further throught the legislature.
California regulators continue to rely on an anti-hobbyist interpretation of current California law (S.B. 501). This interpretation essentially enforces a ban on the resale of parts recovered before crushing. In a nutshell, this means California authorities are not making parts available for recycling. As we have reported in Driving Force many times, the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) stated claim is to crush 150,000 cars a year for 10 years. It now appears their unstated, but no less true, goal is to make sure that not one single taillight is saved from cars about to be crushed. This is devastating news to car collectors, restorers and low-income drivers.
SEMA remains convinced that the law in on the side of common sense, automobile hobbyists, low-income drivers, and parts recycling. California law regarding parts recycling needs to be properly interpreted, strengthened or appropriately enforced. Rest assured, SEMA will continue to pursue this objective.