Maine Governor Approves Ethanol Bill; Vetoes Another

Maine Governor Janet Mills issued a split decision on different pro-hobby ethanol bills (S.P. 86/L.D. 274 and H.P. 596/L.D. 822). 

Governor Mills signed into law SAN-supported legislation (S.P. 86/L.D. 274) to allow the sale of ethanol-free gasoline statewide. Previously, only the counties of York, Sagadahoc, Androscoggin, Kennebec, Knox and Lincoln banned the sale of ethanol-free gasoline. The bill will go into effect in 2020.

Unfortunately, Governor Mills also vetoed legislation (L.D. 822/H.P. 596) to prohibit the sale of motor fuel with greater than 10% ethanol. In her veto message, the governor noted that gasoline containing 15% ethanol is not currently available for sale in Maine. Here is a link to the full veto statement: 

Both bills highlighted the fact that ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, increases water formation, resulting in the corrosion of metals, plastics, and rubber, especially over time when an engine is not used. In addition, they recognized that high-performance specialty parts, along with older cars and parts, may be most susceptible to such corrosion. 

Thank you to those who voiced support for these bills.