Minnesota Pro-Hobby Bills Eligible for Reconsideration in 2020

Several pro-hobby bills introduced in 2019 failed to pass before the Minnesota legislature adjourned: 

  • Legislation (S.F. 179/ H.F. 202) amending the collector military vehicle law to allow decommissioned military vehicles that were also manufactured and sold to civilians to be titled and registered. H.F. 202 passed the House of Representatives but failed to be approved by the Senate.
  • Legislation (S.F. 2694/ H.F. 1817) allowing for the issuance of a single, rear-mounted license plate for special interest vehicles. In Minnesota, special interest vehicles are defined as those owned for leisure purposes, driven less than 10,000 miles per year, and are not used for general transportation.  The bills failed to be considered by the Transportation Finance and Policy Committees. 

By rule, each bill is eligible to be reconsidered during next year’s legislative session.

Thank you to those who voiced support for these bills.