UPDATE: Minnesota Bill to Aid the Registration of Decommissioned Military Vehicles Passes Committee; Moves to Senate Floor

DON’T DELAY!  Please contact the Minnesota State Senators immediately to request support for S.F. 179:

You may use the following points in your message:

  • S.F. 179 amends the Collector Military Vehicle law to allow decommissioned military vehicles that were also manufactured and sold as a civilian vehicle and has the same size dimensions and weight as the comparable civilian vehicle to be registered as a standard motor vehicle.
  • S.F. 179 recognizes the important historical and patriotic purpose of these vehicles. 

Overview: Legislation (S.F. 179) has been introduced in Minnesota to aid the registration of certain decommissioned military vehicles as standard motor vehicles. “Collector Military Vehicle” is currently defined as a vehicle at least 20 years old, originally manufactured for the U.S. Armed Forces, and operated solely as a collector’s vehicle. The bill passed the Veterans and Military Affairs Finance and Policy Division and now awaits consideration on the Senate Floor.