Federal Government Proposes Mandatory Salt Replenishment Program for Bonneville Salt Flats

The Bonneville Salt Flats is where racing began.  From the early 20th century, legendary racers have sought to break land speed records or achieve a personal best.  In addition to its professional racing programs, Bonneville remains at the heart of every racer’s dreams.  For decades, the Salt Flats have decreased in size, strength and thickness because salt has been removed by an adjoining potash mining operation and not adequately replaced. 
Preservation of the Salt Flats is under the authority of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  The BLM has issued an “Environmental Assessment” of the current mining operation that addresses future salt removal and replenishment.  It provides three options, including a voluntary approach (Alternative A) and taking no action at all (Alternative C).  The SAN is urging the BLM to adopt “Alternative B,” which requires a mandatory salt replenishment program.  Salt removed from Bonneville to obtain potash will be replaced in the same amount OR MORE.  The current mine owner, Intrepid Potash - Wendover, LLC, has also recommended adoption of Alternative B.

We Urge You to Contact the BLM Immediately in Support of Alternative B  

The Bonneville Salt Flats (BSF) is a national treasure, a rare and unique resource.  For motorsports enthusiasts, it is the place where hundreds of records have been set in a variety of automotive and motorcycle classes.
BLM must adopt “Alternative B” from its proposed Environmental Assessment.  Alternative B establishes a permanent salt replacement program to help protect the BSF.
Alternative B is supported by the mine operator, Intrepid, and will require a minimum one-for-one replacement of salt that has been removed for potash mining. 
• The BLM has had the responsibility to manage and preserve the BSF since 1946, when the racing area’s salt depth was at least 5 feet.  It is now only a few inches thick.  BLM must live up to its obligation to institute its own supplement program to replenish the salt.
DON’T DELAY!  Please contact the BLM immediately by e-mail or fax in support of Alternative B.  
Comments are due by November 7, 2011.  
Please e-mail a copy of your comments to Stuart Gosswein at stuartg@sema.org.
Bureau of Land Management
Salt Lake Field Office
Attn: Cindy Ledbetter
E-mail:  ut_slfo_comments@blm.gov 
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