Nevada Bill to Add Additional Requirements for Classic Vehicle Registration to be Withdrawn


After several conversations with SEMA Action Network (SAN) staff and members of the collector car hobby in Nevada, legislation (S.B. 152) to alter the registration requirements for “classic” vehicles will be withdrawn for the year by the bill’s sponsor.  Under the bill, the holder of a classic vehicle license plate seeking an emissions inspection exemption would have been required to verify the odometer reading of the vehicle.  These verifications would have been completed for a fee by an approved inspector at certain emissions compliance stations to determine that the vehicle was driven less than 5,000 miles the previous year.  The bill also required proof that the vehicle was covered only by a collector motor vehicle liability policy.   

The SAN is aware that there are instances of abuse of hobby car registration plates in Nevada and elsewhere.  Many seek lower registration fees for older daily-driver vehicles or attempt to avoid emissions and safety inspections and fees.  The SAN does not represent these abusers.  However, in seeking to punish the abusers, some bills unfairly affect and inconvenience legitimate owners of classic vehicles.   This is when the SAN steps in.  Accordingly, later this year, the SAN has agreed to host a meeting of stakeholder groups in the state to discuss practical methods by which the law can be applied to better target the abusers.  We will keep you updated to our progress. 

Thank you for opposing S.B. 152.