Pro-Hobby New Jersey Bills Die as Legislature Adjourns

Several pro-hobby bills introduced in New Jersey during the 2018-2019 legislative session failed to pass as the 2020-2021 legislature convened. Each bill died without consideration in the Assembly Committee on Transportation and Independent Authorities. To follow is a brief summary: 

  • Legislation (A.B. 1542) that would extend vehicle registration for all passenger vehicles by allowing the initial registration not to expire unless the vehicle transfers ownership. 
  • A version of SEMA model legislation (A.B. 152) that would create vehicle registration classifications for street rods and replica custom vehicles. This bill defined a street rod as an altered vehicle manufactured before 1948 and a custom as an altered vehicle at least 25 years old and manufactured after 1948. The bill allowed kit cars and replica vehicles to be assigned a certificate of title bearing the same model year designation the body of the vehicle most closely resembles. Special license plates and display of blue dot taillights would also be allowed for these vehicles. 
  • Legislation (A.B. 3123) that would permit the use of historic motor vehicles for occasional travel or pleasure driving, not more than one day per week. Currently, historic vehicles are only allowed to be used for exhibition and educational purposes. 

Thank you to everyone who voiced support for these bills.