Oklahoma Bill to Require Front License Plates Fails to Meet Legislative Deadline

We were heard! SAN-opposed legislation (H.B. 3899) in Oklahoma failed to pass the House prior to the required legislative deadline. Under current law, all vehicles are required to display only a single, rear-mounted license plate. H.B. 3899 would have increased costs, wasted valuable resources and put Oklahoma in conflict with other states that are moving to a single plate requirement. 

However, this bill may be reintroduced in the 2021 session—please encourage others to get involved now by signing-up for updates from the SEMA Action Network (SAN) without cost or obligation.

Special thanks and congratulations to those who participated in opposing this anti-hobby bill!


Dear SEMA Action Network (SAN): Recent world events have impacted us all. Rest assured, the SAN will continue to be the voice of auto enthusiasts in state capitols and Washington, DC.  With your help, we’ve already achieved several triumphs this year—thank you!  Meantime, SEMA is working to safeguard our hobby so we can continue to pursue our passion.  For updates, news and resources, please visit SEMA.org/coronavirus.  Ignited We Stand!