South Dakota Legislature Declares Final Week of August as Collector Car Appreciation Week

Thanks to the efforts of State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus member Senator Larry P. Zikmund, the South Dakota State Legislature issued a resolution (S.C.R. 606) commemorating the last week of August as Collector Car Appreciation Week in the state.  This action builds on last year’s recognition of Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD) and is intended to coincide with the state’s popular collector car shows. 

Since 2010, the U.S. Congress has introduced resolutions at the request of the SEMA Action Network (SAN) to acknowledge CCAD, which serves to raise awareness of the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society.  This year’s national celebration is scheduled for Friday, July 9th.

Make your plans to get involved.  Individuals, car clubs and business owners have been officially registering their gatherings for inclusion on the SAN website.  Please pay tribute to our hobby’s special day by holding or attending a celebration near you.  Encourage others to follow suit.  Let’s get those cars and trucks out of the garage and onto the road!

Please submit the details of your celebration.  You may also download the official logo and flyer from the CCAD homepage and help promote this special day:

Formed in 2005, the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus is a nonpartisan group of over 700 of state lawmakers from all 50 states whose common thread is a love and appreciation for automobiles.  Supported by the SAN, the Caucus is raising the motor vehicle hobby’s profile in the state legislatures and in the eyes of the public.