UPDATE: State of Utah Approves $5 Million to Restore Bonneville Salt Flats

Our voices were heard!  Thanks to enthusiast and industry outreach in recent weeks, Utah state lawmakers have appropriated $5 million towards a program to restore the Bonneville Salt Flats.  SEMA applauds the Utah legislature for authorizing these monies to fund the creation of a 10-year program to dramatically increase the amount of salt pumped onto Bonneville.  The program is now contingent upon securing federal funds.

While this news is encouraging, our work is not complete.  You will be asked in the near future to relay this same message to federal lawmakers in the U.S. Congress.  In the meantime, please encourage others to get involved with the cause.  Supporters can stay informed on this and other important issues by signing-up for the SEMA Action Network (SAN) without cost or obligation.

More information: https://www.sema.org/sema-enews/2019/11/state-of-utah-approves-5-million-to-restore-bonneville-salt-flats