Virginia Introduces Bill to Protect Enthusiasts from Unfair Exhaust Noise Citations

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  • S.B. 180 implements an objective testing procedure for determining if a vehicle’s installed exhaust system is in excess of 85 decibels, measured at a distance of at least 50 feet.
  • S.B. 180 supplies inspectors with an enforcement standard, replacing a system that relies on subjective judgments on whether an exhaust system amplifies the noise emitted by the motor vehicle.
  • S.B. 180 allows the operator of a vehicle to defend an exhaust noise violation, recognizing that the best way to address exhaust noise is by establishing a fair and reasonable exhaust noise decibel limit.

Overview: Virginia has introduced SAN-supported legislation (S.B. 180) to implement a fair testing procedure for vehicle owners accused of unreasonable exhaust noise violations. This bill applies to motor vehicles with a gross weight of 6,500 pounds or less. A vehicle cannot be in violation of the 85-decibel exhaust noise limit unless it has been tested under these fair standards. The bill currently awaits consideration in the Senate Transportation Committee.