West Virginia Bill to Provide Special Plates for Collector Vehicles Approved by Committee


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  • H.B. 2514 provides for the issuance of special plates for use on collector vehicles and allows for the transfer of the special plates temporarily between the collector motor vehicles owned by the collector. 
  • H.B. 2514 defines a “Collector motor vehicle” as a restricted and limited use motor vehicle which is a unique commodity having a current monetary value in excess of similar make and model vehicles and that is not driven in excess of the maximum mileage permitted by the terms of a valid limited use motor vehicle insurance policy.  Mileage shall in no event exceed three thousand miles per year.  This term does not include vehicles being used for regular transportation and does not include motor vehicles with elevated chassis height which are subject to inspection.

Overview: Legislation (H.B. 2514) to provide for special plates for use on collector vehicles and allow for the transfer of these plates between the collector vehicles owned by the collector was approved by the House Roads and Transportation Committee.  The bill will now be considered by the Finance Committee.