West Virginia Legislature Adjourns

Several bills introduced in West Virginia in 2019 failed to pass both houses of the legislature prior to the adjournment of the session.

  • Legislation (H.B. 2338) exempting antique military vehicles from the requirement to display license plates. This bill would have created an alternative registration insignia that does not interfere with the traditional military markings on the vehicle. The bill passed the House but failed to be considered in the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. 
  • Legislation (S.B. 666) aiding and incentivizing the construction of motorsports complexes. The bill passed the Senate but failed to receive consideration in the House Finance Committee. 
  • Legislation (H.B. 2369) allowing for the transfer of special license plates between collector vehicles if owned by the same individual was approved by the House Roads and Transportation Committee; however, the bill did not receive a hearing in the House Finance Committee.
  • Legislation (S.B. 333) exempting vehicles 25 years old and older from personal property taxes. The bill passed the Senate but failed to receive a vote in the House Technology and Infrastructure Committee.  
  • Legislation (H.B. 2657) allowing for the registration of military surplus vehicles. This legislation was based on SEMA model legislation. The bill failed to receive a vote in the House Veterans’ Affairs and Homeland Security Committee.

Thank you to those who voiced support for these bills.