West Virginia Legislature Adjourns

Several pro-hobby bills introduced in West Virginia in 2020 failed to pass both houses of the legislature prior to the adjournment of the session. 

  • A version of SEMA model legislation (H.B. 4047) to protect the activities of automotive collectors. This bill would have permitted automotive collecting activities on residential property if the vehicles were kept out of ordinary public view. The bill failed to pass the House Political Subdivisions Committee. 
  • Legislation (S.B. 171/H.B. 2094) to exempt certain vehicles from personal property taxes. S.B. 171 passed the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee but failed in the Senate Finance Committee. H.B. 2094 did not pass the House Technology and Infrastructure Committee. 
  • A version of SEMA model legislation (S.B. 479) to allow for the registration of military surplus vehicles. The bill failed to pass the Senate Government Organization Committee. 
  • Legislation (S.B. 478) to aid and incentivize the construction of motorsports complexes in the state. The bill was introduced in the 2019 session as well. S.B. 478 passed the Senate Economic Development Committee but failed to pass the Senate Finance Committee. 
  • Legislation (S.B. 506) to create an Office of Outdoor Recreation in West Virginia. The Office would have coordinated outdoor recreation policy and ensured stakeholder participation, including motorized recreation interests. The bill failed to pass the Senate Economic Development Committee. 

Thank you to everyone who voiced support for these bills.